Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Striped Tag

This technique, which was being demonstrated at the Judikins booth at Stampaway 2011, can be used to make really cool striped papers that can then be attached to cards, scrapbook pages, book covers or other decorated items.

Step 1:  Completely cover a piece of cardstock or a tag with double-stick tape (the wider the tape, the better).

Step 2:  Cut strips of decorative paper that extend slightly beyond the width of your cardstock or tag base, and stick them on the taped base, leaving strips of exposed tape between each strip of paper.  (This is a great opportunity to use some of those little left-over scraps of paper you probably have lying around.)

Step 3:  Using a metal-edged ruler and an Xacto blade, trim the edges of your cardstock or tag base.

Step 4:  Pour glitter, micro beads or sand over the cardstock or tag base, and press firmly into the exposed tape.

Step 5:  Shake the loose particles off your cardstock or tag.  You can then use the finished piece by itself or as part of a larger art project.

Many vendors at rubber stamp conventions like to demo fun techniques that usually spotlight the stamps and/or products they're selling.  This particular project is super-easy, yet provides a unique result that can be used in many different ways!


  1. Oh that is SUPER cool! If you're not careful I'll be booting Mike out of the back room so I can make cards again :)

  2. You should, Dana! Every time Stephen buys a card for somebody's birthday, he tells me I need to get back into card-making. People love a personal touch!